Temperature and UV labels
for automotive industry

As you all know, a car is an aggregation of materials such as steel, rubber, plastic, and aluminum. 
The number of parts is said to be in the tens of thousands for gasoline cars.

These parts go through processes such as processing, molding, and baking using heat to become part of the part or the part itself. The ultraviolet curing process used for adhesives and coatings is also widely used for marking electronic parts and glass and plastic headlamp parts.

Below are the examples of how NiGK’s products can contribute.
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*For checking ultraviolet curing hard coat process for plastic lens or confirming adhesive process for reflector lighting

UV irradiation technology is widely used in the automotive industry for many purposes. For example, UV curing of coatings for automobile plastic lenses and adhesives for reflectors greatly contributes to improving productivity and reducing production costs. Our UV labels are used by many automobile related customers to confirm their mass production process of UV irradiation and for periodic inspections.

*For monitoring temperature of process control or detecting abnormal heat for certain parts and equipment.

Appropriate temperature control enables products to meet performance requirements. In automotive fields, temperature labels are used to ensure the quality of mass production such as brakes, transmission, wheel, axle, tire, engine component parts and other countless parts.
Also, not only checking the temperature of equipment in a factory, it is getting important to detect abnormal heat for battery, wire harness and motors for electric cars lately.

Temperature label could contribute as one of the solutions about those issues.Just stick a label to the subject so that color change will let you know something that it should grasp.
You can choose from a lot of kinds of size, temperature range and shape.

car engine control unit
parts of a car-2

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