Sterilization Products for CSSD

Our finest quality products boasting our chemical engineering technology have contributed to healthcare facilities all around the globe for more than a quarter century. NiGK chemical indicators are all tested at an indicator evaluation laboratory equipped with a special resistometer (CIER), to comply with ISO international standard requirements. 

Sterilization Indicators

Sterilization Indicators

All products are made in Japan and evaluated by a resistometer(CIER) for steam in a performance evaluation laboratory. NiGK pack-control chemical indicators detect critical valuable failures with high accuracy. Feel free to request samples.

Bowie & Dick Type Test

BDPACK is a Bowie and Dick type test which conforms to the ISO11140-5 standard. The unique aluminum package, color reference on the reverse side, easy opening and outstanding performance should bring incredible benefits to your daily CSSD practices.

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Instrument Fixing Sheet

The three sizes of instrument fixing sheets have been developed based on the needs of CSSD specialists.
The JCI (Joint Commission International) says that it is required to keep hinged instruments in open position during the sterilization process in order to ensure that the instruments are thoroughly cleaned. Click on the link below to find out about other recommended uses.