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Check Temperature at a glance based on change in color

- Temperature Label Series -

TLT new series,
TLT-T1 and B series

T1 series with its characteristic bigger element size is the best option when you prefer more visible size. B series has more narrow temperature gap than regular A series.

Asset 9-100
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Asset 9-100

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Temperature / UV Indicator Materials

What's New

Temperature / UV Indicator Materials

With NiGK's comprehensive line-up of temperature indicators and strips, you can check temperature, UV, and dew levels visually. Just peel the self-adhesive label from the release paper and put it on the object. There are no wires to connect, and no special skills are needed, making this the simplest, most accurate way to monitor temperatures and ensure safety. Choose the most suited item for your purpose from our lineup as you prefer. We have TLT, affordable multipurpose type, weather resistant durable type and special type indicators for UV rays and dew monitoring. Please click Learn More for further information, of if you have any specific questions or requests, please contact us anytime via the contact from the link at the bottom or top of this page.

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TLT - Temperature Label T series -

Affordable, single/multiple self-adhesive temperature indicator strips 

TLT temperature Label T series is NiGK’s standard, multipurpose self-adhesive indicator label. Durable, accurate, and affordable indicators enable process monitoring and job safety assurance on a budget. There are four types of strips with various numbers of measuring points (T8, T5, T3, and T1) and two types (A and B) with various temperature differences (pitch) between levels.  These labels come with aluminum self-sealing zip lock bags for easier storage.  


Unique single-use indicators to visually check the UV/UV LED irradiation dose

UV LABEL™ /UV LABEL™ for LED are single-use indicators which permanently change color from white to various other colors when exposed to ultraviolet light irradiation. The most popular application is for curing process monitoring in the UV curing injection molding process and the UV ink printing process. There are several types depending on the sensitivity and UV light source.  All types are packaged with lightproof plastic bags to prevent UV rays from causing damage.

Durable Indicating Materials

Durable, weather-proof temperature indicators suited for outdoor use

This classic type of indicator has been used in many industries for over half a century and has been refined through repeated revision and improvement. To deliver the finest quality to all customers around the world, all the materials, including ink, base material, laminate film and adhesive, are carefully selected, and thorough quality tests are conducted to ensure our strict quality standards are met. If you need to monitor temperatures under harsh conditions and weather, this classic durable type is the best solution for you.

Miscellaneous Indicating Materials

Miscellaneous items for different purposes

We have several types of other indicators and strips for multiple purposes. Among others, DEW LABEL™ single-use indicators permanently change color from gray to blue to show that dew condensation has formed. DEW LABEL™ changes its color when wet, and the color stays even when dry.

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Our devices are widely used for oceanography research,
resource investigation, resource exploration, and environmental research.

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