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Featured Applications


Solution to check the environment temperature on the way to transport your precious items.

Process control

For all industries who need temperature monitoring during manufacturing process

Printings / Process control

Just stick our UV Label on and make UV-light level visible. Extensive line up works helpfully in many industries.

High temperature monitoring

Exceptionally rare temperature label for high range of 250-450°C.

Medical Field

For checking the temperature of transporting medical supplies and UV-curing irradiation process for dental 3D printers.



The works of temperature and UV indicators  in semiconductor manufacturer.



For batteries, motors, tires, brakes, catalyzer and other lots of car parts

Power transmission

Temperature labels have been playing a crucial role in power supply field.


Temperature labels are supporting railways. There are many thing only temperature labels do.

Fire Prevention

Fire prevention is important to save lives. Temperature labels are working to prevent fire.

Plant equipment

Solution for monitoring temperature of various equipment and facilities in plant.

Beer (Brewing)

Temperature labels contribute to the brewing of delicious beer.


Try temperature labels in the leisure fields, like as checking batteries.