Other Products

Our devices are widely used for oceanography research, resource investigation, resource exploration, and environmental research.



Exploring the seas all over the world

NiGK OCEAN, part of NiGK Corp., develops and supplies mechanical units, oceanographic research equipment, monitoring equipment, and surveillance equipment to be used underwater according to customers’ requests.

As examples of our design innovations, we developed multiple water samplers and single/multiple coring units installed through ROV. We participated in some cable network projects (DONETNEPTUNE-Canada) and developed observation platforms incorporated in the mooring array connecting the sub-surface layer and land by mobile phone.

Flashover Indicators

Reliable solutions to identify ground faults

NiGK’s flashover indicators contribute to finding faulted towers in the quickest, safest, and most accurate way. The indicators can detect lightning on transmission cables and towers as well as detect faults caused by animals, birds, and lightning.
When a fault occurs, you can find the fault location by checking the indicator from a distance instead of actually climbing up the tower. Additionally, only the dysfunctional towers show as faulted so that you can find only the faulted towers quickly.