High temperature monitoring

Heat treatment processes at high temperatures are used in a variety of industrial fields, including annealing, redox reactions, drying, sintering, calcination, degreasing, and analysis.

There are countless materials and components requiring heat treatment at high temperatures, such as carbon, glass, metal parts, magnetic materials, and semiconductor wafers.

Thermoproof was developed to meet the demands of customers who want to know the heating temperature of an object during heat treatment at high temperatures.

Thermoproof is a special label consisting of a special substrate and adhesive that can withstand high-temperature treatment with printed ink that changes color in reaction to high temperatures.

Thermoproof can handle a temperature range of 250 to 450°C, enabling temperature confirmation in high-temperature areas in various fields. There are only a few temperature labels in the world that can measure temperatures in this range.

In addition, our Thermoproof is used not only in the manufacturing process, but also in development and research fields, and has a proven track record in many applications.

Thermoproof is also used for high-temperature heating processes in electric furnaces.