NiGK’s temperature labels are used not only in the industrial field, but also in more familiar areas such as hobbies.
This page will introduce some of these examples.

Detection of abnormal heating of motors

For watercraft and radio-controlled car enthusiasts, the temperature of each part of the machine is one of the most important elements. In particular, checking and controlling the temperature of the motor is vital in competitions, as motor overheating can significantly impact on the machine’s performance.
NiGK’s irreversible temperature labels make it possible to check the maximum temperature of the motor while running and identify overheating. Simply affix the label to the part and you have a proven control also used in railcar temperature management.
It is also vital to know the temperature when working on the machine after driving to prevent burns.
Our reversible temperature labels also ensure a safer working environment for competitors by clearly indicating the current temperature of each part.


Temperature control of aquariums

In the field of aquariums, maintaining and controlling a constant water temperature is one of the most important points for long-term care of aquatic life in aquariums.
Our reversible temperature label, “DIGITAL THERMO TAPE” , is a simple, black-based label that can be easily affixed to the glass surface of an aquarium tank to check the water temperature without spoiling the appearance. There is no need to worry about batteries running out, and because it does not need a power supply, there is no cord that may spoil the appearance. This is an example of temperature monitoring that takes advantage of the label shape.


NiGK’s temperature labels are useful not only in industrial applications but also in everyday life.
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