For Medical Field

Monitoring temperature for dental products transport

Bone grafts for dental implant are used when a patient does not have enough bone for surgery.
As some bovine bone grafts for dental implant are required to be stored at temperatures below 30℃ and NiGK MELTMARK MK-30 can be used to monitor the certain temperature while transportation and storage.

Furthermore, MELTMARK MK-25 can also be used to check the transportation temperature of membranes for dental implant, which are required to be stored at 25℃ or lower.
If the temperature reaches the set point, MELTMARK indicates you the abnormality by changing the indicator red.

Dental care, dental implant, 3d rendering

The indicator in the center changes from white to red.

Checking UV-curing irradiation process for dental field

Some of our UV label users are checking their operation of UV irradiation to cure resin for dental 3D printers with NiGK UV label.
Our UV label could be utilized in the production of dental models, orthodontics, and implant treatment.

Device for washing a dental 3d print in a cleaning solution, and curing the mold using UV light.
Pre-orthodontic dental trainer alignment appliance on glass background, closeup