Power Transmission

We have been a reliable provider of temperature labels for many years, primarily to electric power companies, companies with power generation facilities, and the railways industry,

to detect abnormal heat generation and temperature changes during power transmission.


Abnormal temperature are particularly considered to be a “sign of malfunction,” but measuring temperature using thermocouples or other such electric sensors is often thought to be difficult because of the strong magnetic field they generate. In such situations, “temperature labels” are widely used as they are highly reliable and can be used for a long period of time without the need for a power supply or maintenance.

NiGK’s temperature labels enable appropriate equipment maintenance and servicing without overlooking temperature changes and prevent damages to equipment by detecting abnormal overheating.

We offer a wide range of temperature label types with a variety of temperature ranges.
Here are some illustrations and photos of actual power transmission facilities to show how our temperature labels are used. If you have any questions about temperature management or wish to request samples, please do not hesitate to contact us using the inquiry form at the bottom of this page or by phone.


*Illustration of the use of temperature labels in a large-scale power transmission facility

Labels with irreversible color changes, such as turning red at a set temperature and does not return to the original color, allow tracking temperature changes.Types that return to the original color when the temperature falls below a specified temperature are widely adopted to control the current temperature but can also be also used in combination with irreversible indicators. We offer the best solutions to suit your application from a diverse range of options, including temperature labels with multiple temperature indicators.

*Illustration of temperature labels used for power transmission on a railways

Here are some examples of our products being used by power transmission sources, as well as by railways on feeder lines.

*Examples of temperature labels used in equipment

(1) For power transmission facility

*Examples of temperature labels used in equipment

(2) For feeder lines in railways

*NiGK offers a wide range of temperature labels to suit your power transmission management applications.

Finally, let us briefly explain below how temperature labels, which have been used by customers in various industries for over 50 years, can contribute to power transmission management.

1. Can easily stick to the part of the equipment to be monitored

2. By color change in the label visibly indicates abnormal overheating

3. Irreversible labels can be used to keep a history of abnormal heating by color change

4. Functions without the need for a power supply, maintenance, or any special skills

5. Highly durable and can be used indoors for 5 years and outdoors for 3 years

6. Resistant to weather conditions and general factory contaminants

7. User-friendly, cost-effective, and can stick in any locations

NiGK’s temperature labels meet all kinds of needs for power transmission management.
Whether you want to monitor specific temperatures, need labels of certain sizes, or require heat management for specific applications, we are happy to assist you.
Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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