Solutions to check UV irradiation for Printings / Process control


  • Good to narrow spaces.
  • Easy to check the amount of ultraviolet rays.
  • Suitable for UV-B and UV-C
  • 4 types according to sensitivity (custom shapes available)


  • Good to narrow spaces.
  • Easy to check the amount of ultraviolet rays.
  • Suitable for LED
  • 2 types according to sensitivity (custom shapes available)

Confirmation of UV ink curing lamp irradiation

NiGK’s UV labels are used to prevent UV ink drying and curing defects caused by insufficient UV light irradiation.

When applied to printing paper, it can be used to check for insufficient irradiation even inside printing equipment, which is difficult to measure with regular measuring equipment. It can also be used to check the service life of lamps.

In fact, many printing companies actually use our UV labels.

For checking ultraviolet curing hard coat process for plastic lens or confirming adhesive process for reflector lighting

UV irradiation technology is also widely used in the automotive industry for many purposes.
For example, UV curing of coatings for automobile plastic lenses and adhesives for reflectors greatly contributes to improving productivity and reducing
production costs.
Our UV labels are used by many automobile related customers to confirm their mass production process
of UV irradiation and for periodic inspections.

Confirming operation of movable tower disinfection unit

Disinfection methods using UV light have the potential to eliminate any virus easily and quickly, and are used not only in hospital rooms and facilities of medical institutions, but also when disinfecting airplane cabins and hotel rooms, and in many other places.

Our UV labels are used to ensure that our Indian partner Medi-rail’s mobile disinfection towers are working reliably.

It is possible to check with a quick glance whether the required UV dose has been obtained and to record evidence. The labels can easily be attached to the location you want to measure for simple usage.

Extensive experience in the semiconductor manufacturing industry

Our UV labels are also used in many semiconductor wafer manufacturing processes that use UV light, such as light exposure and film thickness measurement.