Condensation monitoring indicator,

We suggest our unique, functional indicator, DEW LABEL™.

Indicating and recording the condensation

While there are some humidity indicators available in a market as you may already know, do you happen to know an indicator which detects condensation* and records the history?
* Condensation: Water in air condenses and forms fog, cloud and water drops when the air is saturated (RH > 100%) and the temperature cools.
DEW LABEL™ is a type of chemical indicator, like temperature and UV irradiation indicators, indicates invisible change of phase of water by clear color change.

Color change

As the name shows, when dew is formed on the surface of the object to attach the label on, a small amount of condensate water will cause the label to change the color irreversibly.
And after the dew disappears and discolored surfaces dries up, the color remain on the indicator to show you the condensation history.
Spraying of water or small amount of sweat on the tip of your finger will be enough to cause the color change (water-repelling material like oil may not be sufficient).
Most of the customers are using DEW LABEL™ for confirming condensation inside some machinery where the waterproof property is strictly required like in electric devices cubicles. In the development stage of “Aqua e monitor™”, one of our water-proof products for ocean research used this DEW LABEL™ inside in the development stage.

Actual color sample

The indicator changes the color clearly from pale gray to blue when the indicator detect condensation.
The pigment has no toxicity but hard to wash off once it stains clothes and skin. Take good care not to let the pigment get in your eyes and mouth. When applying the label, you might want to use a tissue or dry cloth to press the label against the object.
When the humidity is too high, the condensate may coagulate to water drop and the drop may run away with pigment, so apply the label on the flat horizontal place.


As the presence of dew/condensate is a factor of formation of mold, DEW LABEL™ will be used, for example, for the following purposes:

  • Temperature control of air conducting duct in the healthcare and nursing facilities.
  • Humidity control of warehouse and cubicles of preserving fine arts.

As humidity control ONLY with a electronic controller like may be insufficient for monitoring evenly every spaces of the room and blind spaces, applying DEW LABEL™ to each of the corners of your room of an access door/hall of the air duct will be help you very well to check and monitor the environment for the confirmation as well as evaluation of humidity control.


Stay safe!

Recently, alcohol based disinfectant is frequently used for disinfection and precaution of infection by virus. Humidification is indeed standard measure for virus but you might want to be careful not do it too much because over-humidification may cause mold grow and damage fine arts and your health!