Original Temperature Indicators

NiGK Corporation has been making temperature indicators for more than fifty years, so that we have great technologies to make temperature indicators.
In this column, we would like to introduce one of the technologies we are proud of.
Please look at the following pictures.

As you can see, we can create many kinds of original design indicators.
The left one is Mt.Fuji with a checkered pattern of color change ink, the middle one is NiGK- Corporation logo with all covered pattern and the right one is carp fish with a diagonal pattern.

We can also create other unique indicators which have many kinds of patterns and colors as below.
(Of course, the indicators will change the color when it reaches at a certain temperature. )

Those types are handled as a customized model though, we can make original design indicators as you like.

If you have any interests, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you.