Recent Activities For Our Website

New page and New feature

What are temperature labels used for? Our plan to publish a new page of user’s records

We are planning to publish a new page to introduce our customer’s records.(ex: picture, purpose of use etc…) The design and other details are to be determined, but let us show a little bit of the contents.

← Motor Blower

Place: Rolling stock yard
Purpose : to check an overheat
Product Type : T5-50A

Gear box→

Place: Rolling stock yard
Purpose : to check an overheat
Product Type : T5-50A and 3E-70

We are trying to collect more user’s records from our customers all over the world.
There is more to come.

From the new page, you will be able to get information what the temperature label works for.
We will publish a new exciting webpage soon. Stay turned for updates!

No problem if you don’t find your desired temperature labels. You can request your original labels by “Customized Request”

We published a new request form named “Customized Request”. This form enable you to request your original temperature labels. For example, you can chose shape and color of the element (the color changing part) and also request to put some words like your company name to the labels. The special feature is that you can attach your image file on the request form. The function makes us meet your request perfectly without any mistakes. If you would like to know how to fill out, check the instruction movie.

Click to jump to the “Customized Request”

Feel free to contact us if you have any interests about our products.
We always hope our products support your business!