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In this video, you can learn easily how to use BDPACK, and find the product features of it!

NiGK’s BDPACK is a pre-assembled disposable Bowie & Dick type test. This product complies fully with ISO11140-5. After processing, the indicator area of the sheet changes from white to black. The result can be interpreted by verifying the color change. With the proper cycle, most of the center area of the indicator sheet evenly changes from white to black or blackish brown. Ineffective pre-vacuums, air-leaks, or NCGs(non- condensable gases) in the supplied water can lead to results indicating failure.

  • Laboratory tested for compliance with ISO11140-5
  • Laminated package to avoid contamination by water and dirt
  • Thin (6mm) and light package in small box for limited storage spaces
  • Easy to peel-open

If the center area does not change color to black/blackish brown or the whole area is light, this indicates failure.

Product name

Test conditions

Dimensions (mm)



134℃- 3.5min

145 × 145

30 pcs