Changes color to blue upon reacting to dew condensation in the indicator

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200 pcs/pkg
RoHS Compliant

DEW LABELTM single-use indicators irreversibly change color from gray to blue to signal that dew condensation has occurred. The DEW LABELTM changes its color when wet, and the color stays even after drying.

Color Transition Simulation

Products Feature

  • Irreversible / single-use
  • Self-adhesive and easy to apply to various locations.
  • Indicator can be customized (specific size and shape)
Product nameColor changeJAN Code
D-1Gray → Blue4582130422861

200 pcs / package

Product nameColor changeJAN Code
D-1Gray → Blue4582130422861

200 pc/ package


  • Do not rub the indicating part. This may cause abnormal color changes.
  • Applying excessive moisture causes the color pigment to flow out from the indicator, coloring the surrounding area.
  • Color change conditions depend upon the environment. (ex, environmental temperature and humidity, surface temperature, heat capacity of applied object, etc.)
  • Avoid using under direct sunlight. This may cause the color of the indicator to fade.

Effective lifetime

  • Indoor use: 1 year – Please use within one year after purchase –
  • Outdoor use: The DEW LABELTM is not designed for outdoor use


  • The DEW LABELTM is designed for indoor use.
  • Do not apply water, oil, and other liquids.
  • Do not apply in high temperatures or humid environments.
  • Do not use under direct sunlight for long period of time-this will cause, the quality of the indicator to deteriorate.
  • Direct sunshine fades the color of the indicator.
  • Apply on a clean and dry surface.
  • The DEW LABELTM is not intended for use on humans.

Information on toxic substances in the raw material

The DEW LABELTM contains no toxic substances according to the GHS classification.

Directive of RoHS

The DEW LABELTM does not contain chemical substances prohibited by the RoHS directive.

Hazard identification

Immediate health, physical, and environmental hazards: The environmental properties of this product present a low environmental hazard. This product, when used under reasonable conditions and in accordance with the directions for use, should not present a health hazard. However, use or alteration of the product in a manner not in accordance with the product’s directions for use may affect the performance of the product and may present health and safety hazards.


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