Temperature Label-Supermini 1K

Temperature Label-Supermini 1K

A very small indicator with a single indicator point.
Best for small electric or electronic parts.

Label and package
Color sample

Temperature range: 40~125℃
RoHS Compliant
*For indoor use only

1K is a single-use indicator which irreversibly changes color from white to black at the given temperature. The indicator element is only 1.5mmφ and the label itself is a square measuring 0.5cm on each side. Best suited for temperature control of electronic and electric parts like transistors, ICs, capacitors, and small motors.

Color Transition Simulation

Products Feature

  • Extra small design for tight spaces and small devices
  • 1-point temperature indication
  • Irreversible, single-use
  • Temperature range: 40°C to 125°C
  • Self-adhesive and easy to apply in various locations. (The back side is coated with heat-resistant adhesive material).
Product NameTemperature to change color(℃)AccuracyJAN Code

*The white indicator element turns black at the given temperature

Product NameTemperature to change color(℃)

*White indicator element turns to black at the temperature

Effective lifetime

Indoor use: 3 years
Outdoor use: THERMO LABEL®SUPERMINI 1K is not designed for outdoor use


Color Change
  • The color-change temperature and color-change accuracy refer to the temperature and degree of accuracy at completion of a color change after heating from room temperature at a rate of between 2 and 3°C/min under normal pressure. The actual color-change temperature may differ depending upon heating conditions.
  • The performance of irreversible temperature labels which change color at 130 or higher may be changed if it is exposed to temperatures in the 10from the specified temperature.
  • The temperature-indicating elements of irreversible temperature labels may show slight coloration even before temperature increases, but performance will not be affected and it will be obvious when the color changes at the pecified temperature.

Affixing the Label

  • Be sure to clear the surface of all water, oil, rust, dust, and dirt. Dirty or uneven surfaces can result in abnormal color changes or cause labels to come off.
  • When applying the label, peel off the release liner and put the label on the object by pressing it down gently with your hand or a cloth. Do not rub or scratch the label too strongly to avoid inaccurate color changes caused by damage or deformation.
  • Apply the label on a flat surface to avoid inaccurate color changes.
  • Do not alter the shape of the label. Modifying the label, for example by cutting it with a utility knife, may affect the label’s durability or lead to inaccurate color changes.

Usage and Storage Environments

  • Do not use the product in high-pressure or high-vacuum environments, or in microwave ovens or other induction heating devices, as this could lead to inaccurate color changes.
  • Store in a cool dark place prior to use. Products specified as requiring cold storage should be kept refrigerated.
  • NiGK Corporation will not accept any liability for damages incurred as a result of using the product or applying measurements given by the products.

Information on toxic substances in the raw materials

The THERMO LABEL®SUPER MINI 1K contains no toxic substances according to GHS classifications except 1K-115 and 120. Please refer to the SDS of the applicable products for detail.

Directive of RoHS

The temperature label 1K does not contain chemical substances prohibited by the RoHS directive.

Hazard identification

Immediate health, physical, and environmental hazards: The environmental properties of this product present a low environmental hazard. This product, when used under reasonable conditions and in accordance with the directions for use, should not present a health hazard. However, use or alteration of the product in a manner not in accordance with the product’s directions for use may affect the performance of the product and may present health and safety hazards.


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