TLT temperature indicator

TLT (Temperature Label T series)

Solutions for quality control and temperature monitoring: Temperature Labels

For supporting safety and quality in every field of our society and industry, temperature control is critical for process control, safety assurance, quality assurance, and the supply chain.
Would you think that installing electronic sensors is the best solution for temperature monitoring? Absolutely not. Unlike sensors, temperature labels require no power supply and no special skills or technology. Just by applying a temperature; label, you can quickly check temperature changes through visual inspection alone. NiGK provides quality control and temperature monitoring solutions for every profession.

Please note that TLT-T1 and B series are made-to-order products.

Product Features


Wide range monitoring

Narrow range detection

Monitoring specific temperature

TLT labels are used in various fields!

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Instruction For Use

This label indicates the temperature on a surface to which it is attached by changing the indicator (white or gray part) to black when the temperature rises higher than that displayed.
Once the indicator changes color, it will remain that color regardless of a subsequent temperature fall.
When attaching a label, select a smooth surface that has been changed of any dirt or moisture then press firmly on the label to assure its adherence.

Also, the Temperature Label should be stored and transported at room temperature (less than 35℃) avoiding high temperatures or direct sunlight.
After unpacking, the label should be stored in low humidity locations. The label may not function correctly when used in water/oil, or under high pressure/vacuum.
Products with a color-change temperature of 100°C or higher may change performance if heated at a temperature close to the color-change temperature for an extended period of time.
Do not use this label in an environment of 150℃ or more or where it directly has contact with food. Also do not deform or disassemble the label.

Product Lineup

The T8 series wide type is the best model, enabling you to define the range of temperature change of the object. You can choose types with fewer levels, like T5 and T3, for smaller temperature ranges. T1 is the best option when a threshold temperature is defined and a more easily visible size is preferred. Depending on the gap between levels,  you can choose A type (5℃ pitch) or B type (10℃ pitch).