Fire Prevention

Detection of abnormal heat generation in fire sprinkler equipment

Fire sprinklers are a type of firefighting equipment that spray water in the event of a fire to slow combustion.

Normally, water is released when heat is detected in the event of a fire, but if there is abnormal heat generation in the sprinkler equipment, the high-temperature gas produced can cause the sprinkler heads to malfunction.

NiGK’s 5E-50 label is used to check for this malfunction.

When affixed to the sprinkler pneumatic tube, the 5E-50 label detects abnormal heat generated by the device, preventing sprinkler system malfunctions.

Safety checks for firefighters

Temperature confirmation with fireproof gloves

Firefighters predict indoor combustion conditions and determine whether entry is possible by checking the surface temperature of doors. NiGK’s WR label is useful for checking the temperature of doors; by pressing a fireproof glove with a WR label affixed against the door, the color change of the label can be used to check for hot air. In addition, WR labels can be used repeatedly, providing a cheaper and easier way to check safety than using a machine to measure temperatures.

Temperature confirmation with helmets

With LI series labels affixed to helmets, other members of the firefighting team can see the temperature of the room during indoor firefighting activities. When the temperature reaches 200℃ or 250℃ during firefighting activities, the LI label attached to the helmet will change color to alert other members of the firefighting team of the danger.