World standard Japanese-made temperature label.

That is the NiGK's TLT label series.

Used for mass production processes and maintenance
in a wide range of manufacturing industries
for process management purposes.

High quality is required for mass production processes that mass-produce products with identical standards.
In recent years, mobile electronic devices such as smartphones and electric vehicles come to mind.
Of course, mass production management is conducted in all industries, including familiar household products such as cooking utensils and food.
In the mass production process, the heat treatment process is involved in the production of products in many fields.
Appropriate temperature control enables products to meet requirements of performance.
Conversely, improper temperature control can result in products that fall below the required level of quality.
Temperature control is also an extremely important process that contributes significantly to shortening the lead time of product manufacturing through the use of high temperatures, among other means.

NiGK’s TLT temperature labels are Japanese-made with world-standard Celsius and Fahrenheit indications.
Since they can be easily applied and can carry out measurements anywhere, they are ideal for use in locations where it is difficult to detect with temperature sensors. Anyone can easily use them, and the results can be checked by the color change of the temperature indicator. In addition, the labels can be stored as evidence of the temperature measurement results after use.

The following are some examples of mass production processes in which TLT labels are used.

・Temperature control of UV resin curing process for smartphone parts
・Temperature control in the manufacturing of motors for trains, automobiles, and other industries
(TLT labels are also used for completed motors)
・Temperature control in the manufacturing of automotive batteries, tires, and various parts
・Other uses including temperature maintenance and control of electricity and boilers in factories, etc.

With reliable quality, and a line-up of 1-point, 3-point, 5-point, and 8-point types, we can meet a wide range of customer needs for temperature control.
In addition, we set reasonable pricing so our products can be used in large quantities.
Please refer to the following table for the different types of usages and product features.
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Size and Appearance

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