NiGK’s temperature labels are used by many railway companies both in Japan and overseas. In the railway  industry, temperature labels are mainly used to quickly identify malfunctions and other abnormalities.
Here, we will explain why NiGK’s temperature labels are chosen and give some examples of their use.

The advantages of NiGK’s temperature labels in the railway industry are listed below.

  1. Applicable to small spaces
  2. No power supply is required
  3. Temperature labels have high environmental resistance (some labels can be used outdoors for 3 to 5 years)
  4. Temperature labels can measure temperatures even when affixed to rotating parts
  5. No special skills are required.

Especially in rotating parts of rolling stock, where space is limited, the use of lightweight temperature labels that require no power supply unit allows for more efficient checking for abnormalities.

In addition, temperature labels can easily measure temperatures even while the part to which they are affixed is rotating, making them ideal for measuring temperatures in rolling stock with many rotating parts.

Furthermore, since no special qualifications or skills are required for use, anyone can safely check temperatures.

Because of these advantages, temperature labels support railway industries in many ways, as shown in the figure below. Here are some specific examples.

Checks for abnormalities in the train axle section

Irreversible temperature labels are used to check the history of abnormal heat generation in train axles.

Photo (1) on the right shows a gearbox where NiGK temperature labels TLT and 3E series are used to check the history of overheating of the gearbox.

Photo (2) below shows the axle section, where the TLT label indicates that the axle section has heated up to 60℃.

(1) Gearbox

(2) Axle part for railway

It is also possible to detect abnormal heat generation during motion by attaching a label to the train axle section as shown in Figure (3) below.

(3) Axles for railway

Photo (4) on the right shows a blower motor where TLT labels are used to keep a history of overheating.

(4) Motor blower

As detailed above, our temperature labels are the railway industry’s choice.
We have a proven track record of use around the world, so please feel free to contact us if you are considering the implementation of temperature indicators in the railway industry.