Good points about NiGK temperature indicators

Good point 1 : Simple and Easy

When you want to check the temperature, the only thing you should do is “Attaching”. There is no need to prepare any power supply or expertise. They are easy to install and understand. You can save your time and money and get a high-level control with NiGK temperature indicators.

←A part of motor

  • Place: Semiconductor  manufacturing waste gas equipment
  • Purpose : to check an overheat to 90℃
  • Product Type : T8-50A

↑ TLT series    (Click here for details)

Good point 2 : Low-cost

If you use an electric thermometer, you should prepare devices, power supplies and storage spaces.

However, temperature indicators don’t require such initial and running costs. NiGK has various product lines according to the application. We will do our best to offer you relatively low-cost products at your needs.

Good point 3 : Available to small spaces

Temperature indicators can be used in a narrow space because they don’t require devices and power supply equipment. They are applicable to small electronic parts while maintaining accuracy. You can choose a suitable temperature indicator depending on your purpose.

↑An example of using a temperature indicator in a narrow space

↑ Temperature indicator label LI for the axle of Railway vehicle

Good point 4 : Durability

NiGK Corporation has tested many durable types of temperature indicators if they can be used for long-term outdoor use. Our temperature indicators passed many rigorous durability tests during development. That’s the reason why we can offer highly durable and weather-resistant indicators.

Good point 5 : Customize

If there is not your desired temperature indicators, we are pleased to offer you customized models.
We launched a user-friendly “Customized  Request” form. Click here.
The picture on the right is an example of a customized temperature indicator. As you can see, we can also produce such a big model. How surprising!