For Semiconductor Industries

We are continuously receiving many orders and inquiries from semiconductor manufacturers.
The following applications are the examples we are collecting from our customers.
Let us introduce how our indicator labels can support semiconductor industries.
You can check how NiGK’s temperature labels are used in this growing field.
NiGK hope this information could be any help for your business.

VL series can check temperature under vacuum

Vacuum condition is important for semiconductor manufacturer because it makes easy to control chemical reactions and helps keeping the manufacturing space clean. If you attach the temperature indicators for vacuums (VL series) on a wafer, you can check the temperature easily even under  the vacuum condition. 

UV labels also help semiconductor manufacture

Before dicing (the process to separate to die from silicon wafer) , silicon wafers are typically mounted on dicing tape which the adhesive bond is broken by exposure to UV light. UV labels can check if the UV light is  working correctly.

You can use temperature indicators in exhaust emission control system

Manufacturing semiconductors use many kinds of chemical gas and emit a lot of exhaust gas. Temperature labels also can be used in a fan motor of an exhaust emission control system to check abnormal heat.

An image of exhaust emission control system

A part of motor of exhaust emission control system

For checking temperature in Chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) process

Semiconductor wafer is polished to smooth the surface in Chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) process. During this process, heat is generated due to friction between the surface of the wafer and the polishing pad. Our temperature indicators can check the over heat of such narrow spaces and rotating objects to prevent unexpected damage.

Chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) process