Temperature / UV
Indicator Labels

The TLT temperature indicator is a standard, affordable self-adhesive indicator label for various applications. UV/UV LED labels are for monitoring UV irradiation, and durable indicating materials are for outdoor use under harsh environmental conditions. We also have miscellaneous type dew labels and indicators for food processing.

TLT temperature Label T series

TLT - Temperature Label T Series -

TLT temperature Label T series is NiGK’s standard, multipurpose self-adhesive indicator label. Durable, accurate, and affordable indicators enable process monitoring and job safety assurance on a budget. There are four types of strips with various numbers of measuring points (T1, T3, T5, and T8). These labels come with flat, small, aluminum zip lock bags.  


A self-adhesive UV monitoring indicator for control of various processes. In manufacturing processes like plastic curing, ink curing, bonding, and coating, UV light is widely used, and the radiation levels must be accurately monitored. This UV label changes from white to purple/pink colors, enabling quick, simple confirmation of UV irradiation doses.

DEGMARK™ (Roll-Type)

A Roll-Type temperature indicator DEGMARK is designed to meet the demands of situations where mass consumption is expected. The laminated indicator with the global temperature display (℃ and ℉) is ideal to check and record temperature easily.

Durable Indicating Materials

NiGK’s high-grade lineups for especially challenging, tough conditions like outdoor use where indicators are exposed to severe conditions. Preferred by demanding professionals in the power utility industry and train industry. Special types of indicators such as super-small indicators, vacuum indicators, dew labels and high-heat resistant indicators are also available.

Miscellaneous Indicating Materials

Specific indicator lineups for indoor use. The Temperature Label-K series and Mini series can be used in tight spaces. The Temperature Label for Vacuum makes it easy to check temperature in 1Pa to normal pressure atmosphere. RETOMARK changes color depending on heating temperature and time, providing confirmation for boil-in-bags sterilization. The DEW LABEL provides a solution to check condensation.